Who won the NFL Draft?

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
Trevor Lawrence (Clemson)

This was the easiest pick in the NFL Draft by far for the Jaguars, and I think we will all see why come game 1 of the preseason. Lawrence is as close as your going to get to being all in on a player with the first pick. During his college career at Clemson, Lawrence only lost 2 games which is incredible to say the least. Out of all the options the Jags had, Lawrence seemed like a no-brainer…he has the qualities of a quarterback that can lead a team and his skillset is ridiculous. He has speed (4.78 in 40-yard dash) and his arm power is second to none. Oh…and the Jags drafted Clemson running back Travis Etienne who may shape up to be a quality asset in the backfield.

2. Chicago Bears

Justin Fields

Trading up to get Justin Fields at pick 11 of the NFL Draft was huge for the Bears. Let’s face it…Trubisky wasn’t getting it done in the starting role and it was time for a change at the QB position. Fields went 20-2 at Ohio State, while leading the Buckeyes to back-to-back college football playoff appearances. Bears fans will be relieved to have something to look forward to heading into the 2021 season with Fields at quarterback. Picking up offensive linemen Teven Jenkins (Oklahoma State) and Larry Borom (Missouri) are great picks which are overlooked since they aren’t the “skills positions”. These 2 dudes will be big in protecting Fields and in the run-blocking game.

3. Denver Broncos

Patrick Surtain II (Alabama)

The Broncos had a great draft class and picked up some positions they desperately needed. Cornerback Patrick Surtain Jr. may have been my favorite pick in the draft. He can cover anyone on the field and is from Alabama. Usually drafting Alabama prospects goes pretty well for NFL teams. He’s also a big dude which is beneficial at the corner position. He weights 202 lbs and is 6-2. I’ll be looking forward to seeing match up against some of the best receivers in the game. LSU corner Kary Vincent Jr. is another defensive back that Denver picked up in the 7th round who I really like. He covers the slot position really well and is aggressive on the ball. Look out for these two corners to be making plays all season long. Lastly, running back Javonte Williams (North Carolina) was another huge pick up for Denver in the second round since they lost Phillip Lindsay during the offseason. Williams is quick and explosive…I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an every down back for Denver in the 2021 season.

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