The NCAA cancelled the women’s golf region in Baton Rouge…but why?

The NCAA committee representative Brad Hurlbut stepped down the steps of the clubhouse before telling a field full of women college golfers that this tournament had been cancelled. The reason? Interestingly, the committee came to the conclusion that the golf course they were supposed to play was “…not playable at a championship level.” or whatever that means. For many of these women, this ended their college careers as golfers which is sad to say the least. The amount of work put in by these girls is being thrown under the rug because a golf course wasn’t in the best shape. What a joke….let the girls play, they didn’t care that the course wasn’t in prime condition. As seen in the video below girls are yelling “you should be ashamed of yourself” to Hurlbut and rightfully so. Thankfully, many have reached out in attempt to host the region tournament for the women to give them the chance to compete. Hopefully there is a solution to this wrongdoing by the NCAA!

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