Love him or hate him, Aaron Rodgers is slowly turning into a drama king

Aaron Rodgers has always been a pretty laid back guy, or at least he appeared to be. That was until this off season where Rodgers went ahead and inferred he wanted out of Green Bay on….DRAFT DAY! Draft Day is a special day for a lot of college players who are watching their dreams come to life and Rodgers had to stir the pot to make the day at least slightly about himself. It has been reported that Rodgers has let free agents know that there is a chance he won’t be back in Green Bay for the 2021 season. Now let’s be clear that Rodgers wasn’t pleased with Green Bay trading up in the 2020 draft to get quarterback Jordan Love prior to this offseason. Regardless of his displeasure with the Packers (which he could make many excuses for like any other player), Rodgers is still the starting quarterback and still has full control of how far this team can go. You lost to Brady in the NFC Championship…deal with it. You got outplayed and lost the opportunity to win your second Super Bowl. Something tells me Rodgers is still sour about that loss but who knows? The guy goes from cool and laid back to being a social media drama king. The Packers organization and fan base has rallied around him like few other organizations and fan bases rally around a QB. Rodgers is losing the respect of many fans because of his offseason shananigans. All I’m saying is if you’re going to leave Green Bay, go out with some dignity and humility. Don’t ruin the relationship you created with the great city and organization.

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