Mets’ Kevin Pillar gets hit in the face with a 95 MPH fastball vs. Braves…

Kevin Pillar (#11) of the Mets got hit with a 95 MPH fastball straight to the face as seen in the video below…

Thankfully, Pillar came out on twitter and tweeted…

Pillar suffered multiple nasal fractures, but given the circumstances he is lucky it wasn’t much worse. Pillar’s next step is to see a facial specialist in Atlanta and go from there. There was obviously no intent from Braves relief pitcher Jacob Webb, as he was nervously watching Pillar lie there with blood coming out of his nose. Incidents like this to the face don’t happen often in baseball, so when they do you just have to pray for a full recovery for the players. It will be interesting to see if there’s any back and forth between the Braves and Mets in the upcoming games.

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