Baseball is soft…and when I say “Baseball” I mean White Sox Manager Tony La Russa

White Sox player Yermin Mercedes hit a bomb of a homerun against the Twins in a 16-4 blowout victory earlier this week, and White Sox Manager Tony La Russa didn’t like it one bit. The game was already out of hand and the Twins had a position player pitching for the rest of the game. Tony La Russa didn’t appreciate Mercedes swinging for the fences on a 3-0 count up against the Twins position player. In fact, Tony La Russa went on to say in his postgame press conference…”Big mistake…Just about the time the guy started making the pitch, I took several steps toward the field, yelling, ‘Take, take, take!’ It looked to me like he was going to swing. I was upset; that’s not the time to swing, 3-0.”

Now from my knowledge, the goal in baseball is to score as many runs as possible and prevent any runs from being scored against your team. Was La Russa worried about hurting the Twins feelings? Give me a break…the fact that La Russa went out of his way to apologize about Mercedes hitting a homerun is laughable. Yermin Mercede’s press conference was a lot more enjoyable to hear as he stated…”“I’m going to play like that. You know, I’m Yermin. I can’t be all of the players because if I change it, everything’s going to change. . . . We’re just having fun. It’s baseball.”

If you don’t want an opposing player swinging on a 3-0 pitch from a position player, then how about not throwing a 47 mph strike right down the middle. Maybe, consider walking the guy? It’s clear that La Russa doesn’t have his guys back which is unfortunate, but at least some players on Twitter came out and said that there was nothing wrong with what Mercedes did…

Oh, and to top things off…La Russa also came out and said that he had no problem with the Twins throwing at Mercedes because of what he did. What an absolute moron! I would have this guy fired if I were in the White Sox front office. I don’t care what there record is. Tony La Russa is softtttttt!

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