Ho hum…another no hitter was thrown last night by Tigers’ Spencer Turnbull

The Tigers starting pitcher Spencer Turnbull was on his game last night at T-Mobile park, and it led him to his first ever thrown no hitter. This marked the second time that the Mariners were no-hit this season at T-Mobile park. If it wasn’t for his two walks, Turnbull would’ve ended with a perfect game, because at no point did the Tigers commit an error.

This also marked the 5th no-hitter thrown this season which is wild to say the least. 5 no-hitters through May 18th ties the record of no-hitters thrown through that particular date in the season. 1917 is when there were also 5 no-hitters thrown through May 18th. Oh, and if you count Madison Bumgarner’s no-hitter that he threw in a 7 inning game, then there have been 6 already this year. Personally, I think Mad Bum’s no-hitter should count…he pitched in a qualified MLB game and gave up 0 hits from the start till the end. Seems pretty black and white to me. Here is the list of pitchers that have thrown no hitters so far in this young season:

  • Joe Musgrove-April 9, 2021 (Padres)
  • Carlos Rodon-April 14, 2021 (White Sox)

  • John Means-May 5, 2021 (Orioles)

  • Wade Miley-May 8, 2021 (Reds)

  • Spencer Turnbull-May 18, 2021 (Tigers)
  • We are only 3 no-hitters away from the MLB record of 8 no-hitters through a full 162 game regular season. At this pace, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that we get there. Pitchers have been thriving so far this season. Hitters are having more trouble than normal…nobody is going crazy statistically. Don’t get me wrong, there are players who are having great seasons, but nobody is necessarily tearing up the stat sheet.

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