Phil wins the PGA Championship…and what a scene it was!

Phil Mickelson did the unthinkable on PGA Championship Sunday at Kiawah Island. He went head to head with one of golf’s greats and came away victorious to capture his 6th Major Championship. Mickelson went into the final round of the PGA Championship looking really good, but I don’t know if anybody expected him to close out the tournament like he did. Phil was hitting BOMBS all week, but check out the one he hit on hole 16 Sunday. 366 yards for the 50 year old…5 yards further than Koepka’s bomb on the same hole and the longest drive on the 16th all week long.

The amount of 2 shot swings between Koepka and Mickelson on the front nine was amazing. There were 5 two shot swings between them and it was a shaky start for the final grouping. Koepka struggled heavily on the Par 5s which is what really made the difference for Mickelson. Koepka went +3 on the Par 5s, while Phil was -3 making a 6 stroke difference. It was evident that Brooks was struggling with the putter all week and especially on Sunday. Just take a look at the video below…you get the idea.

The best part of the tournament was the scene on 18 while Koepka and Mickelson maneuvered their way to 18 green. The amount of people walking down the fairway was an intense moment in golf that we haven’t had in a while because of the absence of fans. It was all around a great moment and will go down in golf history.

It was unfortunate that Koepka reacted the way he did during the stampede of fans on the 18th hole. Koepka awkwardly kept going back to his knee after every question in his post round interview saying “the knee got dinged a few times in the crazy crowd” repeatedly. It was a cupcake move on Koepka’s part…all he wanted to do was talk about his knee. He was unhappy with the crowd and the lack of space. But, that’s what happens when your 50 and are walking up 18 to win your 6th major championship. Phil beat you fair and square…take it like a man and move on.

This unfortunate interview didn’t take anything from the special moment that Phil had on 18 green. It was truly mesmerizing to see the lefty win his 6th major. He had been so inconsistent and off his game that it was a miracle to some that he was even in contention. Phil went off at 300-1 to win the PGA Championship and had to receive a special exemption to even play in the US Open. Not anymore…Phil is back baby!!!!

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