The Edmonton Oilers got swept in 3-OT last night by Winnipeg and all of Connor McDavid’s regular season points suddenly don’t matter

Connor McDavid (#97)

The Edmonton Oiler’s team is one of the most unique I’ve seen in the NHL. They are so top-line heavy and it showed in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs when they were up against a much more balanced team in the Winnipeg Jets. Connor McDavid had a stellar regular season. His stats included 33 goals and 72 assists in just 56 games. He had 105 total points for the regular season which is incredible. Unfortunately for McDavid, hockey is a team sport and he can’t be on the ice for all 60 minutes of a game. This proved to be a big issue for Edmonton during their 4 straight losses in the playoffs. Winnipeg was visibly the more well-balanced team in this matchup. Winnipeg’s bottom lines were much more skilled than Edmonton’s and any time the Oiler’s didn’t have the McDavid line out on the ice, the Jets controlled play.

So, what’s next for the young star? Should McDavid stay in Edmonton, or should he move his skills elsewhere. Whatever the Oilers organization is trying to do obviously isn’t working and McDavid is in the prime of his career right now. He’s one of the most explosive, if not the most explosive player in the whole NHL. He would for sure make an impact anywhere he decided to go, if he does leave Edmonton. With his set of skills, he deserves to compete for a Stanley Cup. First Round exits are going to get old quick in Edmonton.

Here is a video of the triple OT winner from Jets’ Kyle Connor…what a finish to the series.

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