Julio Jones wants out of Atlanta. Shannon Sharpe just wanted to make it clear for everyone….

Shannon Sharpe decided to make a phone call to wide receiver Julio Jones while live on his sports talk show “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless. It got a lot more interesting when Jones actually answered the phone and may or may not have known that he was live on television while talking to Sharpe. Regardless, it was made clear that Jones wants out of Atlanta. Julio stated that he “wanted out of there” meaning he wants out of the Falcons organization. I guess that’s one way to make your trade request. Apparently, Shannon Sharpe’s actions have led to lawful issues. If he aired the interview without giving Julio Jones the consent to do so, it could lead up to a year in jail with charges up to $2,000. What a mess. This is unlikely though considering that Julio Jones would want to pursue that route and from what I’ve heard is that him and Sharpe are good buddies. So, where will Julio end up by the start of the season. Titans? Patriots? Packers? It will be interesting for sure. Here’s the video of Jones saying he wants “out of there”….

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