The Pittsburgh Pirates have hit rock bottom. And who would’ve thought one 40-second clip could summarize a ball club.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been a disaster for a while now. They’ve sat at the bottom of the NL Central for almost 5 years. Thursday evening, we saw a defensive play that was historic in the game of baseball, and it pretty much sums up the Pirates organization. Will Craig, Pirates first baseman must’ve forgot there was 2 outs he decided to run Javier Baez back to home plate while the runner that was on second just kept on moving around the bases. Before you know it, there is a play at home plate and sure enough the runner scores, as Javier Baez makes it all the way to 2nd once the ball is thrown into right field like little league baseball. It was truly something none of us had ever seen before. Pirates manager Derek Shelton said “its on me…our players have to know the rule there…”. He also mentioned “you won’t see it again while I’m managing this team”. Well I would surely hope not…we haven’t seen a defensive play that bad in the history of the MLB. Take a look at the play.

The Pirates went on to lose 5-3 to the Cubs and fell to 13 games under .500 at 18-31. The Pirates are 1-9 in their last 10 and sit dead last in the NL Central and will more than likely be there for the rest of the long regular season. To list some notable players that the Pirates have traded away since 2015…here you go. What a joke of an organization.

Gerrit Cole

Austin Meadows

Tyler Glasnow

Andrew McCutchen

Jameson Taillon

Josh Bell

Starling Marte

Charlie Morton

Mark Melancon

Joe Musgrove

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