22 year old Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is putting baseballs into orbit

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is just 22 years old, but you wouldn’t guess he’s that young while watching him dissect pitchers and throttle baseballs into orbit. He is currently batting .344 which is 3rd in the league and leads the MLB in homers with 21. He also leads the MLB in RBIs with 55. Rightfully so, Guerrero has the most votes for the all star game with over 800,000. Guerrero is a part of a solid Toronto Blue Jays team that has it rolling right now. They’re currently 2nd in batting average (.264) in the MLB and lead all of baseball with 99 homeruns so far in just 63 games. Toronto is also first in slugging % (.453), 2nd in hits (567), 6th in runs (321), and 5th in on-base % (.328). If the Blue Jays get could get some solid starting pitching they could be a real threat in the American League East. Yesterday Toronto put up 18 runs on Boston, including 8 homers and 20 hits….talk about an offense. It’ll be fun to watch this powerful offense as we get into the further stages of the regular season! Look at Guerrero hitting this ball well over 400 feet at Fenway Park…

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