Le’Veon Bell says he’d “retire before playing for Head Coach Andy Reid again”

Le’Veon Bell is not one to hold back what he thinks or how he feels. This has been at his own detriment for the majority of his NFL career. Earlier last week, Bell came out and said he would “retire first” before playing for Andy Reid again. Yesterday, Bell tweeted

During his time in KC, Bell recorded 76 touches for 353 yards and two touchdowns in a total of nine games. He had 2 carries during the Chiefs 3 playoff games and didn’t play at all in the Super Bowl against the Buccaneers. Bell has had issues off of the football field. During his time with the Steelers, violated the NFL’s substance-abuse policy and was required to sit out for 3 games. At some point Bell needs to look in the mirror. He’s burnt 3 bridges so far in his short NFL career. Those 3 bridges being with Pittsburgh, New York, and Kansas City. Though he may not be getting the same number of touches that he was with the Steelers, Bell hasn’t been the same back that he was in 2017. Andy Reid has mentioned that Bell doesn’t always go full throttle in practice which is what he wants to see. Another problem with Bell is how personal he takes everything on social media. If you go through his twitter, you’ll see that he gets into back-and-forth arguments with people pretty often about little dumb things. You don’t see real winners like Tom Brady getting into dumb altercations on Twitter. Maybe one day Bell will grow up, but for now he’s still an immature kid who hasn’t figured out to respond to things when they’re not going his way.

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