Pitchers are upset that they are being checked for foreign substances in the middle of baseball games…

For the past couple days, the MLB has cracked down on pitchers and the use of any form of foreign substances that can help them grip the baseball. It’s apparent that pitchers are already upset that umpires are checking for substances sometimes multiple times during a game. Nationals’ Max Scherzer became so upset in the middle of a game the other night that he started to pull off his pants before the umpire begged to him stop. Here is the video of Scherzer…

Athletics pitcher Sergio Romo outdid Scherzer and actually dropped his pants all the way down. This is one way to show frustration…also, why are pitchers mad anyway? They are the reason policies like this had to be put in place. If umpires aren’t checking for substances constantly, then pitchers will go back to their old cheating ways and have pine tar or whatever else on their hat, neck, etc….

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