NC State Baseball was forced to forfeit their chance at a NCAA Championship

NC State’s baseball program was in the middle of an improbable run in the College World Series and suddenly it was all taken away from them early on Saturday morning. The NCAA provided no details to why this decision was made other than saying “Covid 19 protocols”. A couple players from NC State were forced to sit out in Friday’s game against Vanderbilt, but at least NC State was given the chance to play. It has been reported that 2 unvaccinated players from NC State were tested positive for Covid-19 and then 4 more players tested positive in the following couple days. This is what caused concern for the NCAA, as they didn’t want the virus to spread to even more people participating in the College World Series. It has to be one of the worst feelings that these kids have had…going through a full baseball season to get told your Championship run is over is a tough way to go out. Since NC State can no longer participate, Vanderbilt was advanced to the final round of the CWS and play Mississippi State who beat Texas in an elimination game Saturday night. Regardless of who wins, it won’t feel the same knowing a team was forced out of the tournament.

NC State turned their season around after starting 1-8 in the ACC and ended up being one of the league’s best teams when Spring turned to Summer. The last time the NC State baseball program won a CWS was back in 1986 and they’ll have to wait another to get a chance at doing this all over again. We all feel for the seniors on their team and hopefully there is a way for some of them to get another year of eligibility!

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