The Tampa Bay Lightning look to complete the first sweep in the Stanley Cup Final since 1998

The Tampa Bay Lightning are rolling right now and it doesn’t look like the Canadiens have enough to stop the powerhouse that Tampa Bay is. Tampa has scored 15 goals in 3 games while the Canadiens have scored just 5. If that’s not an indicator of who the better team is, than I don’t know what is. Tampa leads the series 3-0 and will play Game 4 on Monday night in Montreal at 7 PM eastern. If the Lightning are able to get the win on Monday night, they will complete the back-to-back Stanley Cup run that they’ve been on all season. The last time this happened in the salary cap era was back in 2016-2017 when the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Sharks and Predators in back-to-back Finals.

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