The Astros completed a 6-run ninth inning on Sunday which was capped off by Jose Altuve’s walk-off 3-run dinger to beat the Yankees

The Astros were down 7-2 heading into the bottom of the ninth inning on Sunday…just 3 outs from being swept by the New York Yankees while only scoring 2 runs in 3 games. The Astros got 5 straight base hits to cut the lead to 7-5 before it was Altuve’s turn at the plate with 2 men on base. Altuve went on to blast a 85 mph off-speed pitch directly into the crawford boxes to give the Astros their most improbable win of the season. The Yankees have had trouble closing out games this season…they’ve now given up a 5 run lead to the Astros and earlier in the season they gave up a 8-4 lead to the Angels, both in the 9th inning.

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