Nike and Tiger Woods have had one of the most iconic partnerships in the history of sports

Starting in 1996, Tiger Woods and Nike started a partnership that has ended up being one of the most iconic athlete endorsement deals in the history of sports. Tiger turned pro in 1996 when he won his first PGA event at the Las Vegas Invitational. The first contract that Tiger signed with Nike was for $40 million dollars over a 5-year period. The next deal Tiger signed was in 2001 which was worth $100 million for a 5-year period. Then, in 2006 Tiger signed a deal worth $40 million/year for 8 years with Nike. The deal was extended in 2014 and remains extended for now. Nike shut down their golf equipment business in August of 2016. Up until this point, Tiger used Nike golf clubs and golf balls. Now, it’s all about the apparel that Nike brings to the table for golfers and Tiger of course has his own clothing line.

So, what’re some of the most iconic memories since the inception of the Tiger/Nike partnership…

  1. The Comeback commercial

2. Tiger’s impossible chip in on the 16th hole at the Masters

3. The greatest comeback in the history of sports

Tiger has changed the sport of golf in so many ways. His foundation (TGR Foundation) currently empowers students to pursue their passion through education. Since starting in 1996, Tiger’s foundation has equipped young kids with the tools and support that they need to discover their interests, leading to their own path to success. What a story that Tiger is….the inspiration he brought to the PGA is unmatched and there will never be anyone like him in the ferocity that he brought to the game of golf.

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