Deshaun Watson reported to Texans training camp this past Sunday…

Texans QB Deshaun Watson reported to training camp this past Sunday and it came as a surprise to some. Watson spent no time with the team at all during the offseason, yet he still remains on the roster. Away from the football field, Watson is still facing the 22 lawsuits from women alleging misconduct. There is uncertainty as to whether or not he will be put on paid leave by the NFL. The outcome of the lawsuits will determine whether or not the NFL steps in. If Watson isn’t put on paid leave, it is likely that he will be traded by the Texans as he has made it clear to the organization that he wants out. Currently, the Eagles, Jets, Panthers, and Broncos are among the front runners to land the Star QB if he does end up getting traded.

Watson is avoiding $50,000 in daily fines by reporting to Texans training camp. His decision to report to camp hasn’t changed his thoughts on being a part of the Texans organization for the 2021-2022 season. He’s made it pretty clear…he wants a new beginning somewhere else. It’s hard to blame him. The Texans made some more than questionable moves while he was the starting QB. Trading Deandre Hopkins to Arizona may have been the most ridiculous move an organization has made in a long time. Having the threat of Watson and Hopkins was truly special and breaking that bond up rubbed a lot of the fanbase the wrong way. So, now it’s just a wait and see game to see what Watson’s future holds.

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