Dennis Schroder has officially “fumbled the bag” in this year’s NBA offseason

Dennis Schroder must be feeling some type of way right now. Earlier in the offseason, he was offered a $84 million contract over the span of 4 years from the Lakers. Surprisingly, Schroder rejected the offer that seemed to be paying him more than what he’s worth in the first place. Today, Schroder was offered a one year deal from the Celtics for $5.9 million. So, it’s fair to say Schroder is feeling like he missed out big time by not taking the offer he got from the Lakers. He went from making $21 million a year, to making just $5.9 million a year if he decides to sign with the Celtics. Will Schroder come crawling back to the Lakers??? Who knows? One thing I do know is that he is still a free agent and is full of regrets right now.

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