Cha Ching! Orioles slugger Chris Davis will receive a nice Bobby Bonilla treatment during his first 15 years in retirement

After 14 years in the MLB, Chris Davis decided to call it quits this year and transition to retired life. Davis had a solid career…he made an All-Star team and was a two-time league leader in home runs. Despite Davis not taking his everyday routine to the baseball diamond, he will still reap the financial benefits of being a MLB player for a long time, showing off the perks of what they call “deferred payments”. Chris Davis is set to make $42 million in deferred payments over the course of the next 15 years from 2023 to 2037. This is from the after-effect of the $161 million contract he signed in 2016 with the Orioles. After receiving his $23 million contract in 2022, Davis will earn…

$9.16 million annually from 2023 to 2025

$3.5 million from 2026 to 2032

$1.4 million from 2033 to 2037

By this point, Chris Davis will be 51 and he’ll probably be on the beach somewhere drinking a pina colada. The deferred payments that Davis will receive are very similar to the treatment that Bobby Bonilla got from the New York Mets. Bonilla has been getting paid $1.19 million by the Mets each year since 1999 and will continue to get this payment until 2035. The annual payout, which happens on July 1st, has become the “Bobby Bonilla Day” of the MLB.

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