My hot take for the NFL season…Justin Herbert will lead the league in passing yards and TDS

I have a feeling that it’s going to be the season of Justin Herbert. In his rookie year, he showed that he has the ability to be a great NFL QB, but this year I think he’s really going to shock some people. Herbert is going to have a healthy group of WRs to throw to and Austin Ekeler will be back, which will give the offense some relief through the run game.

Keenan Allen is due for a great season, after just an OK 2020 season. He was 8 yards short of a 1000 yard regular season in 2020 and he caught just 8 TD. If Herbert and Allen can get on the same page early in the season, I don’t see why Allen can’t go for 1400 yards with 12 TDs. Mike Williams is another WR who has the ability to be a great weapon for the Chargers. Last season he posted 756 yards with 5 TDS, but that was really his first season in the NFL. He’s a great downfield threat and he can go up and get jump balls. These are going to be the guys that Herbert is banking on this season…just wait!

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