Top landing spots for QB Cam Newton

Cam Newton is officially a free agent after the Patriots released him earlier this week and it came as a surprise to many. New England has made it clear that rookie QB Mac Jones is their guy and they didn’t see Cam as a part of their future. So, now what? Cam has got to be a top 32 QB in the NFL, so it would seem like a team would pick him up right? I see these teams as top contenders to pick up Cam based off of their QB situations at the moment….

  1. Saints-New Orleans is pretty unpredictable at the QB position right now. Jameis Winston has been announced as the starting QB for the start of the regular season, but is he really the guy that’s going to lead New Orleans through a playoff run? I’m going with a no. He throws plenty of picks and from my perspective he is quite the downgrade from Drew Brees, even if Brees had trouble throwing the ball downfield. Cam seems like a guy that could fit in with the Saints. I think the fans could get behind him after a while…who knows maybe the Saints take a chance on Cam!
  2. 49ers-The 49ers are also at crossroads with their QB situation. Depending on what happens with QB Jimmy Garoppolo will have a big impact on whether or not San Francisco will need help at the QB position. Trey Lance is always an option for them, but he doesn’t have anywhere near the experience that Cam Newton does. Newton would also be great insurance for San Fran if they end up losing Jimmy G.
  3. Steelers-Pittsburgh always needs a solid backup QB for Big Ben’s mid season injury. The Steelers backup QB position was under the microscope this preseason and right now it seems like Mason Rudolph has earned the 2nd string job. Cam could be a valuable resource for Pittsburgh if he’s willing to backup. He could have his own package and mix in some plays as part of a game plan too. The big question is…Is Cam willing to take a 2nd string position in the NFL? My guess is no, but who knows at this point. Not many people saw Mac Jones being a game 1 starter for New England, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Cam signs with a team to be a backup. Similar to what Jameis Winston did last year with the Saints. He came in and got to learn the system. He got paid that good money to sit the bench and watch Brees play out his final year…now he’s the starter. I think Cam should take notes.

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