So… Aaron Rodgers lied about getting the covid vaccine. Now what?

Earlier today, it was announced that Aaron Rodgers has covid and he’ll miss this week’s five-star matchup with the Chiefs. This was the biggest headline coming from the news, until it was found out that Rodgers hasn’t received the covid vaccine at all. On August 26th, Rodgers was asked by the media if he’d been vaccinated and his answer was simply “I’ve been immunized”. Apparently, the Packers have known that Rodgers isn’t vaccinated and he’s been following covid protocols indoors. What doesn’t make sense is why Rodgers would lie to the media. It would seem like their needs to be some sort of punishment towards Rodgers. Unvaccinated players are to wear masks during all indoor activities including press conferences. Rodgers has gone the whole season without a mask during his press conferences. Where does the NFL go from here? Are we going to see Rodgers get away with this due to his star-status in the NFL? If this were to happen to a typical NFL player surely there would be some consequences.

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