Bill Belichick may have hinted at his game plan yesterday in his pregame interview…

On their way to a 14-10 road victory against the Buffalo Bills, the New England Patriots ran the ball 46 times while passing it just 3. Coincidence? I think not. The weather in Buffalo was freezing with 30-50 mph wind gusts which definitely effected play calling. The Patriots ran the ball for 222 yards while throwing it for just 19…a recipe for success. Did head coach Bill Belichick hint at this gameplan before the game even started. Belichick was seen wearing a Navy face mask during his pre-game interview and if you know anything about Navy Football, you know that they run the ball more than any other team in College Football. In fact, Navy led the AAC with 2,517 rushing yards which is 228 rushing yards per game. So, this begs the question…. Was Belichick wearing this Navy mask on purpose??

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