What a regular season finale in the NFL…Steelers Fans are donating to Raiders Kicker, Daniel Carlson’s charities after his 46 yd overtime FG Sunday night secured them the 7 seed in the AFC

What a Sunday it was in the NFL…teams that needed to win, lost. Teams that had slight chances of making the playoffs, won. Teams that had the opportunity to tie and both make the playoffs, ALMOST took advantage of their own situation. It was a final week of the NFL regular season to remember…for a couple of reasons.

The Colts had a 98% chance to make the playoffs with two weeks left in the regular season. Week 17 they played the Raiders at home and Week 18 they played the horrible Jaguars on the road. Certainly, they would get at least a wild card spot. Even after their disappointing loss at home to the Raiders, the Colts still held an 89% chance to make the postseason. It was simple…win and you’re in. Well things weren’t exactly clicking on all cylinders for the Colts on the regular season finale against the Jags and they found themselves in a hole to deep to dig out of. Carson Wentz threw for just 100 yards and he had his lowest QB Rating of any game he’s ever started in his NFL Career.

The Steelers entered the last week of the season with not much hope. They needed a couple things to go their way. First, they must win, but they also needed the 15-point underdog Jaguars to win, AND the Sunday Night game between the Raiders and Chargers COULD NOT end in a tie. So, the Steelers took care of business in a wild game in Baltimore and somehow the Jaguars pulled a victory out of nowhere. Things were looking pretty good for the Steelers chances…again, the Sunday night game just needed to end in anything but a tie. This proved to be the most stressful game for Steeler fans by far. The Raiders blew a 15-point lead late in the game and sure enough we were headed to OT. By rule, if both teams had decided to take knees, they could’ve both secured playoff spots, but what fun is that…YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. A wild OT ended in Raiders Kicker Daniel Carlson nailing a 46-yard FG with time expiring.

For those that wonder…why didn’t the Raiders just let the clock run out…here’s why…

First, you have a chance to knock out a division rival (Chargers).

Second, you can avoid playing the beast that is Kansas City on the road.

Third, you would rather play Cincinatti than KC.

Lastly, “JUST WIN BABY”!

So, how have Steeler fans reacted on social media???

Steeler fans have gone as far as donating to Daniel Carlson’s charities to show their appreciation to him for making that last second kick that sent Pittsburgh into the playoffs. WOW

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