Anyone remember what happened last time the US Open was played at Torrey Pines?

In 2008, Tiger Woods made history at the US Open which was played at Torrey Pines in San Diego. Tiger was supposedly playing on a broken left leg during his journey to his 3rd US Open title and 14th major title. It didn’t come easy, Rocco Mediate took tiger into a 18 hole stroke play playoff in which the two were still tied after. So, Tiger and Rocco went to play hole 18 once again to try and finish the tourney…this time Tiger got it done. What was most memorable about this US Open is the putt that Tiger made on the 72nd hole to even get in the playoff against Rocco. Look at this right to left slider that Tiger pours in as the fans go nuts…

Some call this the most impressive of Tiger’s 15 major victories. He was literally playing on one leg and it took 91 holes for him to be crowned champion. I’m not sure this week’s US Open will live up to the 2008 US Open, but hopefully we see a great finish as there is a spectacular field this year.

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