Rays starter Tyler Glasnow is NOT happy with the MLB changing it’s foreign substance policy mid-season!

Tyler Glasnow has just been put on the Injured List with a partially torn UCL and a flexor tendon strain. He has come out and said that part of what led to his injury was the MLB changing it’s foreign substance policy during the middle of the season. Glasnow mentioned that he was forced to change grips on the ball for his fastball and curveball which has made him squeeze the ball harder. This tighter grip he’s had to put on the ball is what he believes caused him to become injured. Glasnow’s exact words were…

“Do it in the offseason, give us a chance to adjust to it. But I just threw 80-something, 70-whatever innings, and then you just told me I can’t use anything in the middle of the year? I had to change everything I’d been doing the entire season. Everything, out of the window, I had to start doing something completely new.

And then I’m telling you, I truly believe, that’s why I got hurt. Me throwing 100 and being 6’7″ is why I got hurt, but that contributed. I’m just frustrated that they don’t understand how hard it is to pitch, one, but to tell us to do something completely different in the middle of the season is insane. It’s ridiculous. There has to be some give and take here. You can’t just take away everything and not add something. Pitchers need to be able to have some sort of control or some sort of grip on the ball. And I just don’t want this to happen to somebody else, I don’t want a fastball to sail away and hit somebody in the face like it already has.

I understand you need to take an aggressive approach here, but I just think people are going about it all wrong. And I’m sitting here, my lifelong dream, I want to go out and win a Cy Young, I want to be an All-Star, and then now it’s all just shit on. Now it’s over. I have to try and rehab and come back in the playoffs. I’m clearly frustrated…people need to figure this out. You can’t just tell us to use nothing. It’s crazy.”

It sounds like Glasnow it just one of many who feel this way about the MLB’s foreign substance policy.

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