Steelers Dwayne Haskins is making a strong case for the backup role in the burgh

Dwayne Haskins has been impressive in the Steelers first two preseason games against the Cowboys and the Eagles. Haskins led the Steelers to 3 straight TD scoring drives last night, including a TD pass to Anthony Johnson which propelled the Steelers to a 24-16 victory.

Right now, the Steelers backup role is very much up for grabs. It seemed more set in place before the preseason started, but Mason Rudolph hasn’t looked as good as some would’ve thought. In 2 games played, Rudolph is 14/18 for 161 yards and hasn’t led the Steelers offense for a TD drive yet. Haskins is 24/35 over the course of 2 games, including 215 yards and 1 passing TD. Haskins has led the Steelers offense to 4 TD scoring drives between the first two games. Josh Dobbs is another QB fighting for a backup role, but I think it’s pretty clear who is fighting for the 2 spot…and that’s Haskins and Rudolph. Let’s make it clear that Rudolph is facing some of the stronger defenses since he starts the games and more of the starters are out there than when Haskins gets put in. Regardless, Rudolph’s play has been par at best.

It would not be surprising if Haskins comes out with some of the starting offense in the 3rd preseason game. He has made his case…now it’s time to see how he can perform with some of the 1s and against some of the 1s.

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