Nationals’ Kyle Schwarber is on fire right now…13 homers since June 12th

Kyle Schwarber is tearing it up right now in the big leagues…he’s got 13 home runs since June 12 which is more than 12 MLB TEAMS. He’s got 9 homers in his last 6 games and can’t be stopped right now at the plate after a rather slow start to his season. He also had 8 homers in a 5 game span which is tied for 2nd in MLB history in that span. It just goes to show you how streaky batters can get in the MLB. His stats thus far in the season are a batting average of .245, 49 RBIs, and 21 homeruns. It’s incredible that Schwarber has maintained his streak of homers in the past 2 weeks and it’ll be awesome to see if he can keep it up!

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